Tax law is a field of law dealing with all the regulations, be them statutory or constitutional, concerning taxation. This can then encompass taxes on income, due corporate taxes, capital taxes and so forth.

Therefore, tax law covers how much the state can charge for taxes each year. As well, given all the bureaucracy behind, it covers also the procedures, measures, policies and schemes that related to taxation.

As such, tax law can be subject to rapid and frequent change due to state dispositions, and being up to date is a prerequisite for smooth tax law procedures.

Our lawyers are experts in the Dutch legal system and can guide you among many issues that can arise. Since our advocates are specialists in business law, they can legally advise you also on matters of corporate tax. In the Netherlands, private and public businesses pay corporation tax based on their profits.

As an entrepreneur, financial matters especially abroad can be a concern to deal with. We can advise you on how to proceed with eventual exemptions or duties with respect to the due corporate tax applicable to your company. With our guidance, we assure you the avoidance of lengthy legal proceedings and complications for your holdings.