In the current complex economical and political environment, successful entrepreneurs will not just be satisfied  with their current market but consider expanding their market territory beyond where they are currently operating. Nevertheless, entering a new and an unfamiliar market is a risky and thus difficult decision to make. It requires a proper research to understand the foreign market, cultures, needs, laws and regulation.

International Law Firm Taheri can reduce your risks when it comes to entering a new market by providing you its global network and its experience in working in new markets. In particularly Europe, Middle East and South-America – where we have offices – our firm can enter the markets on your behalf without the necessity of investing in setting up an onsite operational or research department. Our knowledge of and experience with international markets and businesses give us an advantage in carrying out the required research and in understanding the local market.

Whether your field of interest is industry and mining or oil and gas, food & beverages, technology, IT & electronics or maritime & shipping (or any other field) our firm can provide you with the necessary support, assistance and information.

Mergers & acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures have always been an important strategic option for corporations, financial institutions and other multifunctional companies. Our clients rely on our advice to help understand and assess these options and execute their most complex transactions.

Regardless of the field of expertise, serving the best interest of our clients is the top priority of our firm.