We are a member of

The Royal Dutch Association for International Law (Dutch: KNVIR), the International Bar Association and the International Law Association (ILA). Besides this, our trial lawyers in the Netherlands are members of the Dutch Jurist Association (Dutch: NJV). Some of our trial lawyers are also members of the Association of Civil Servants & Law (Dutch: VA&R) and the Association for Labour Law (Dutch: VvA). Our firm  also features more than one attorney at law who are a member of the Iranian Bar.

Our vision

International Law Firm Taheri (formerly known as ‘Juristenpraktijk Taheri’) is an internationally operating law office which offers legal guidance and advice both to private persons and entrepreneurs, as well as legal representation. Since its establishment, in 2009, our law office has offered effective, affordable and most of the time non-traditional legal solutions for our clients. Our law office consists of a remarkable team of professional trial lawyers who are active in a variety of legal areas, by which our law office is capable of offering you legal services in a wide range of legal areas and – when necessary – representing you. When it comes to successfully closing cases, ìn 2017 this was 82.1%, 2015 83.7%, 2014 76.5%, 2013 88.2% and from 2009 to 2012 this percentage was 76%.

Our mission

Under the supervision of one of the most headstrong yet sharp minded trial lawyers in the country, Mr. M. Taheri LL.M., our law office has been attributed the trade of always finding a way to achieve success for our clients. We strive to use our resources effectively for the benefit of our clients. The power of our law office is based on the fact that we always try to prevent problems. Thus we prefer to advice you before you enter a legal dispute. However, even when you do find yourself in a legal dispute, you can count on our professional help. Our lawyers are experts in their jobs and are masters in legal argumentation by which your interests and position are guarded in a way that is unknown to you – in any case – in the Netherlands.

Picture of M. Taheri (LL.M)

M. Taheri (LL.M)

A sharp-minded corporate&trial lawyer with many years of experience in navigating legal procedures. Taheri has a strong analytical way of thinking through which he can (almost) find a solution for any legal predicaments. To represent his clients in the best possible way Taheri has deepened his knowledge concerning several legal areas. Although the result is important, quality of the service is not less to him.

Picture of S.A. Iqbal
Juridische medewerkster

S.A. Iqbal

Iqbal has used her strong personality to find solutions to all kinds of legal issues for our clients. She acts as an excellent bridge between our lawyers and attorneys and their clients. In addition, she is involved in the administration / accounting for our clients and provide (in consultation with our lawyers) accounting advice to the clients.

Picture of L.F. van Trappe
chef de bureau & juridisch medewerkster

L.F. van Trappe

Mevrouw Van Trappe is de office manager van ons hoofdkantoor te Nederland. Daarnaast is ondersteunt zij als een afgestudeerde juridisch medewerker ons team van juristen. Hierdoor heeft mevrouw Van Trappe een sleutelfunctie voor dit kantoor, maar óók voor onze cliënten. Onze cliënten beschrijven haar als een zelfverzekerde persoon met de nodige kennis.

Picture of Massimo Fattori (LL.M)
Legal Analyst

Massimo Fattori (LL.M)

Meneer Fattori is heeft na zijn studie Politics, Philosophy and Economics aan de Italiaanse universiteit de opleiding International and human Rights Law aan de universiteit te Tilburg met succes afgerond en heeft daarna ons team versterkt als manager van onze Embassy Desk bij wie onze cliënten altijd terecht kunnen met hun problemen of verzoeken om advies.

Picture of A.M.M. Rezaei (LL.B)
Attorney at Law in Iran

A.M.M. Rezaei (LL.B)

In 1995 afgestudeerd aan de Iraanse Rechten Universiteit waar hij de naar het Nederlandse recht gewaardeerde LL.B graad heeft behaald. Vanaf 2007 tot heden is hij als advocaat in Iran ingeschreven en heeft zich met name gespecialiseerd in het (Iraanse) ondernemingsrecht. Ook is hij arbiter geweest bij de Iraanse Raad voor Arbitrage . Dhr. Rezaei kan u in Nederland en in Iran bijstaan en/of adviseren op het gebied van het Iraanse recht.

Picture of A. Norouzi (LL.M)
Senior Legal Counselor

A. Norouzi (LL.M)

Graduated from the University in Iran where he obtained the LL.B. (bachlor in Laws) and the LL.M (Master in Laws) degree. Norouzi is conducting a PhD research while having years of experience as a university law lecturer, which position he still holds. Norouzi has an excellent knowledge of Iranian law and is extremely knowledgeable of the most recent case law which allows him to make extremely strong defenses.

Picture of H. Tajik (LL.B)
Attorney at Law in Iran

H. Tajik (LL.B)

Staat als advocaat onze cliënten bij vanuit de vestiging te Tehran. Is afgestudeerd aan de Iraanse Universiteit waar zij de naar het Nederlandse recht gewaardeerde LL.B graad heeft behaald. Tajik is zeer secuur en denkt en voelt met haar cliënten mee en zoekt de meest en snelste manier om voor haar cliënten resultaat te behalen. Vervolgens heeft zij zich met name gespecialiseerd in het Iraanse civiele en vermogensrecht.

Picture of M. Masoudi Moghaddam
Legal Counsilor

M. Masoudi Moghaddam

Is the head of international afairs of the offices in Iran as well as the legal advisor for our clients in Iran regarind international matters. She graduated university and has proven to be a reliable person for our clients. Our clients describe her as a self-insured person with the necessary knowledge to counsel the clients in the right way. Integrity is one of the best qualities of her due to which she assures the best and most integer services to our clients.

Picture of R.W. Bhagola (LL.B)

R.W. Bhagola (LL.B)

Ms. Bhagola is graduated from Suriname University and is a lawyer at our office in Suriname. As a reliable lawyer (who is also in the final phase of her Master's degree), she represents your interests with passion and enthusiasm. Especially in the field of land tenancy law, corporate law and inheritance law, Ms. Bhagola can advise you and, if necessary, assist you in legal matters in consultation with our senior lawyers.

Picture of Darshini S. Sukai
Secretarieel Medewerkster

Darshini S. Sukai

Mr. Survase is a practicing advocate at the Bombay High Court, India since the year 2007. He practices in both Civil and Criminal laws and has represented clients in various courts all over India. He excels in researching and advising clients on Property Laws in India. He is very proficient in drafting contracts and court petitions and has shown exceptional flair in litigation.

Picture of A. Survase (LL.M)
Advocate at Bombay High Court

A. Survase (LL.M)

A practicing advocate at the Bombay High Court, India since 2007 and is our best friend referral. He practices in Civil and Criminal laws and has represented clients in various courts all over India. He excels in researching and advising clients and is very proficient in drafting contracts and court petitions and has shown exceptional flair in litigation.

Picture of Aryan Survase
chef de bureau in India

Aryan Survase

Mr. Survase (not to be mistaken with our best friend referral lawyer Survase) is currently studying law at the university in Mumbai. In order to gain experience, he joined our office where he fulfills the position of office manager. He is very passionate and very compassionate with our clients for whom he always places priority.