Have you suffered a personal injury occurred by, for example, a traffic accident, industrial accident or a medical mistake? Our personal injury specialists are able to quickly determine whether you are entitled to compensation. International Law Firm Taheri is the right choice for claiming personal injury and mental anguish.

An accident can totally confuse your life. Maybe you suddenly have to rely on help from others, maybe you are not longer able to work temporarily or permanently because of the injury that has occurred or maybe you have suffered other damages because of your injury. For example, think about not being able to pursue your hobbies or simply not being able to do all the average and small things that you could do before your injury. Your damage does not always have to be financial. Loss of enjoyment of life and declining enjoyment of life are certainly damages that you suffer from as a result of an injury / accident. But also if the injury caused you to not longer being able to work around your house, you suffered damage because after all you need an extra help in the house which results in extra costs for you.

If you were not the blame for the accident, you are entitled to free legal aid. We work on a national level which means we are also able to visit you at home if that is requested.

The handling of personal injury requires specialization. So don’t go to just any lawyer, but let us handle you personal injury where you can be sure that your interest is at the top of our list.