The Embassy Desk is pleased to share the successful outcome of the event organized on the 23rd of October 2019. The Seminar was the first one arranged by the Embassy Desk and attracted the interest of diplomats who actively partook the event.

The representatives of the embassies of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Taiwan joined the event. The Seminar “European Rights for non-Europeans” proved to be the perfect room for discussions, for debating over legal developments and for clarifying intricate topics. The highly interactive seminar encompassed areas such as immigration procedures, foreign company registration, rental law issues, doing business in The Netherlands/EU and employment law concerns.
The topics were enthusiastically debated and filled with partakers’ interactions and active participation. The event was focused on exposing issues and law developments over those relevant fields especially of interest among non-EU citizens.
The event was accompanied by an informal lunch between the sessions of the Seminar and finger food at the closing. The informal dining was paramount for exchanging ideas, points of view and for having the chance to get to know different perspectives. The Seminar was very much enjoyed by the participants.
The latter also had the chance to make relevant proposals for future workshops and forthcoming legal lectures. The Embassy Desk has seriously taken these suggestions and is working on implementing projects ever more suitable to the interests of diplomatic bodies.

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