What we do

Our mission

The Embassy Desk provides an extensive array of services addressed to embassies, consulates and private citizens especially from outside the EU. Other than advising diplomatic bodies on issues their respective nationals may come across, we also provide  assistance to embassies who seek legal insights over eventual conflicts and concerns with Dutch law. For instance, we can revise employment contracts and ensure their compliance with Dutch rules and regulations.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • Company Law
  • Doing business in The Netherlands and in the EU
  • Foreign company registration
  • Property purchasing and rental law issues
  • Labour market and employment law
  • Employment termination
  • Discrimination at the workplace
  • Residence Permits for non-EU nationals

Our mission is to support diplomatic bodies with high-quality legal assistance. We help embassies and consulates overcome legal and business related issues. With the aim of providing excellent service, we also make sure diplomatic bodies receive relevant updates over the evolving law.

Visa Applications

For Visa application procedures,  visit our dedicated section:

Our team

We can assist in matters of business, corporate regulations, tax law and diplomatic conflicts. We act as notary agents. We will be the ones examining all the required documentation for smooth procedures. Our focus is to resolve and address legal issues arising from eventual complications between EU or Dutch systems and foreign ones. We center our efforts in untangling concerns that diplomatic bodies and foreign nationals may encounter.

What we offer is much more than just a service: we professionally guide our clients through every step of the required iter. At Taheri, we ensure your successful outcome in litigations, avoiding lengthy procedures.



The Embassy Desk organizes periodical workshops and legal lectures in which our team clarifies actual legal issues and developments of the law. Participating is essential for preventing costly procedures and for grasping the latest legal developments. Lectures are paramount for analyzing potential implications of the changing law and practical steps to take in order to address them or to prevent them.


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