We provide service for visa application towards:

  • All EU Countries (Schengen area)

  • India

  • United Kingdom

  • Brazil

  • Suriname

  • Qatar

  • Iran

  • Iraq

  • Venezuela

The Embassy Desk can help you with your visa application procedure. We can help you in obtaining your visa, be it a tourist visa or a business visa, by submitting for you the application and by managing all the required documentation thereof.

Applying for a visa means undergoing a procedure that can be long and usually with a waiting list involved. Deciding to apply for a visa through us means skipping this waiting queue: we might receive a date by the respective embassy in a couple of days. The whole procedure is thus smoother and faster.



We will work on your visa procedure in two simple steps:

1st step: application evaluation

First, you submit to us the required documents. Second, we might ask you for additional documentation. Third, We will assess whether your current situation is suitable for visa approval by authorities. In this first step, we will be examining all your documentation and eventually approving it for submission for the visa. Hence, you will have the advantage of knowing in advance whether your application is going to be approved. This makes you save time and money by avoiding the procedure for visa requests at the embassy.

2nd step: request submission

If we deem your situation suitable for a visa application procedure, we will formally initiate the application process with the respective consular authorities. When we establish suitability for a visa application in the 1st step, the chance of successfully getting the visa is very high. With an approximately 95% chance of approval by the consular authorities, you will get a visa fast, easy and hustle free. In addition, we can provide you with the official legalization of documents. Depending on what is your Country of origin, we can also assist with the translation of the applicable documentation.


Application Evaluation and the Request Submission: we charge differently for each one of the phases.

Please be informed that we may require a deposit to be paid to the Official Client Deposit Account of our Law Firm.

The specific visa consular fees are set by the respective embassies and thus they vary. Hence, they are not calculated in our price list.

1st step (Application Evaluation):

€150/per person

2nd step (Request Submission):

€100/per person


We can assist you, contact us:

send an e-mail at embassydesk @ lawfirmtaheri.com