Private international law is the key when it comes to deciding what law of which country is applicable in international situations. It consists of international Treaties, European regulations but especially national law.

Every country has their own private law and jurisdiction, but as you may know, conflicts don’t always stay between the borders. This means that when there is a conflict between someone from France and someone from the Netherlands, both parties need to know what law from what country is applicable in the abovementioned case. Another important thing is to know whether the judgment from the court in one State is also valid in another State.

Not only is this important when it comes to conflicts, but imagine an international marriage, where the wife is Spanish and the husband is Italian, but they get married in the Netherlands where their baby is also born. Whose last name will their baby get and which nationality? What rules apply to their marriage or possibly their divorce? These are all important factors that have been set out in private international law, which makes this branch of law very important.

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