A rental contract is stipulated when the owner of a premise agrees to the use of the latter by another party, the tenant, which in return agrees to a payment. Rental law grants both owners and tenants several rights, as well as imposes some obligations.  Regulations encompass the tenancy agreement, the maintenance for the house, the price-ceiling and all the other specifics of the agreement. Uncertainties over contractual terms or regulations can concern houses, apartments and also business spaces. These regulations apply also to students, who for instance cannot rent a student-place once they have deregistered from being students already.  Issues you may seek assistance for can cover:

  • A rent price that is too high
  • A house that is poorly maintained
  • Payments of agency fees
  • Payment of the deposit
  • Missing payments of rent
  • Disruption of premises by tenants
  • And other eventual problems that can arise.

If you are a tenant or an owner renting out a house, you may encounter several issues that can be of concern regarding your property or your rental agreement. Tenancy can be a troubled field and you may want to have a proper legal advice on how to proceed with your situation. Our experienced lawyers are specialized in Dutch Tenancy Law and hold significant legal experience for both sides of owners and tenants.

It is paramount to know your rights and duties under rental contracts, especially when the situation becomes a case to be brought before court.

For any clarification on the terms of the rental contract, tenancy obligations and rights, our lawyers can extensively advise you on your situation.