Dutch residence permit through investment & registration of a company

Our Firm offers you a unique and secure possibility to obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands through investment and registration of a company, or through purchasing an existing company. In this document, we explain briefly how the investment projects work in the Netherlands and under which conditions one can obtain a temporary residence permit to live and to work and to do business in the Netherlands.

The residence permit that you and your family members can obtain through this project is for 3 years. How does it work? Easy:

  1. The project starts with an idea, your idea, which you think will be profitable in any EU country, but especially in the Netherlands. You should already have a company in your home country and would like to expand your market to EU and in particular the Netherlands
  2. The good news is that we can help you with your expansions plans and can help you to make it a success; we will help and support you to establish a company in the Netherlands and to obtain a work and a residence permit.
  3. First, we will set up a branch company for you in the Netherlands. We will establish a limited liability company of which you or your company in your homeland will own all of its shares. Through this company, the expansions plans will be executed. The establishment of the company will cost you €3500,--. Please be noticed that you need to have a company registration address which will cost you approximately €85,-- to €450,-- per months.
  4. After at least 1 to 6 months, depending on your and your company situation in your homeland, we will apply for the residence permit for you and your family members (including your children who are not older than 18 years old). At the begin of our cooperation, we will inform you when we will apply for your residency. The permit will be granted within a maximum time period of 90 days (but usually much faster), after which you can immigrate to the Netherlands. The government administration fee for the request will be €930,-- for the main applicant and €430,-- for your partner. If your children are younger than 15 years old, there request will cost €50,--. If not, the government fee will be €430,-- per child.
  5. The residence permit will be for 3 years. After this period you can request a change of your residency ground/base. After in total 5 years (thus 3 years + 2) you can get a permanent residence permit (and a Dutch passport). If you do not want to change the residency ground/base, you should leave EU for 6 months and can return to the Netherlands after this period. So we advise you to apply for the change timely, which we of course can help you with.
  6. de you with legal advice, tax advice, the submission of tax declarations to the tax office (every 3 months), the submission of an annual tax declaration for the company, the submission of the annual tax declaration for each family member, the submission of the financial balance to the chamber of commerce, the submission of the labor tax declaration (each months), the preparation of a profit and loss annual statement, supervision, commercial help and advice, and etc.


Monthly             €85,- office costs (unless you have an address to register your company in the Netherlands)

Costs and fees  €50.000,-- (total costs for 3 years)

Conditions to apply:

  1. You should have a company in your home country and would like to expand your company business to the Netherlands and obtain a work and residence permit through that;
  2. You should have a legal/labor position within your company in your homeland and work for that company at least 3 months;
  3. You will become the director or a manager of the company which we will establish in the Netherlands and will factually run the company;
  4. Your company in your homeland is willing to pay a monthly salary that fits your function. The salary can be paid in the currency of your country. The salary can be paid in the Netherlands (in Euro's), but can also be paid in (the currency of) your home country;
  5. Your company in the Netherlands will actually have commercial activities and thus is not fictional;
  6. There is no minimum residency period required if the absence is related to your work;
  7. Your family members will be in the Netherlands at least 1 day every 6 months;

Dutch residence permitGood to know:

  • After that the residence permit is granted, you do have to travel to the Netherlands within 3 months;
  • You and your family members do need to have a valid passport to be able to travel;
  • The residential permit will grant you and your family members to work freely in the Netherlands, and under some conditions in the EU.
  • The residential permit will grant you and your family members to travel to any EU country without a visa. You can directly travel to any other country and do not have to enter the EU through the Netherlands;
  • The residential permit will grant you and your family members the same legal rights as the Dutch citizens including the right to education and medical treatments.
  • You are not obligated to employ any (other) employees for your company in the Netherlands;
  • There is not a minimum revenue quota or a minimum profit quota for your company in the Netherlands;

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  • A Phone number for your company
  • Website and email address for your company
  • A secretary service who will answer your phone, receive your post and communicate with you. This way you don't need to employ a secretary
  • Experts' help for when you would like to buy a house/property

Which documents are required to start the procedure:

  • The deed of establishment of your company in your homeland (and an official translation of it to English)
  • Documents through which it appears who are the shareholders of your company in your homeland (and an official translation of it to English)
  • A registration certificate of your company in your homeland (and an official translation of it to English);
  • Your employment agreement with your company in your homeland (and an official translation of it to English);
  • The minutes of the meeting of the board of directors of your company in your home country, showing that the board has decided to expand the activities of the company to the Netherlands and that you are assigned as the director or the manager of the in the Netherlands to be established company;
  • A CV of you with details about your job experiences and educations
  • A copy of your passport and of your family members
  • A translated and legalized copy of your birth certificate and the birth certificate of your family members
  • A translated and a legalized copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Proof of your home address, through ownership deeds of your home or rent agreement together with a telephone, electricity, gas or any other bill which is registered to your or your wife’s name and mentions your home address on it.
  • Some additional forms which we will provide you with