International Law Firm Taheri  is, as the name suggest, an internationally operating firm which provides legal assistance and advice as well as legal representation to both entrepreneurs and private persons. Our firm has successfully completed over 76% in 2009-2012 and in 2013 more than 76.5%, in 2014 88.2% and in 2015 83.7% of the cases they represented.

How is it that our office completes so many file successfully?

  • Winning your case is our priority!
  • We make a unique process strategy for you.
  • We do – even outside the courtroom – research on evidence and obtain new evidence that show your point of view if necessary; also abroad
  • Our lawyers are excellent litigators whereby the attention of the Court will be held and your views will be well explained.
  • We work with different judicial experts who can be enabled for the benefit of your procedure if necessary.

In the first place, we try to advise our regular clients in such a way so that they get involved with legal problems as little as possible. In addition, we always think ahead which means we are always thinking about a legal procedure as well. Our strategy is in other words already incorporated in our advice causing your ‘ odds ‘ very high in any procedure.

If you, despite everything, still have to deal with legal procedures – you are defendant or you start a procedure – then our lawyers will firstly study your file carefully. Then there will be thought of a procedural strategy for you, with our office using even the least frequently used laws and regulations (and thus legal options) to be able to reach your ultimate goal.

The process strategy of our firm is strong because our process lawyers are fully aware of the recent and the old, but applicable, strategy by which we assess what the judges want extremely well proven and demonstrated.

Researching facts and evidence which can show your views also belongs to our task and method. Whether it’s getting your phone Tower-data or doing handwriting-or voice or authenticity research, we don’t flinch from enabling legal experts of even experts in a subject matter from abroad to prove your point of view. During an informal talk where your file will be judges by using a quick scan you will be convinced that our process strategy is unique and strong.