Notarial Services

We are proud to present that our firm is one of few public notary/civil-law notary agent who provides its notary services on an international level.

The notarial service that we provide includes the standard functions of a 'notary public' which is authentication and certification of documents for use overseas. Typically a Notaris will provide a notarial deed, in accordance with the law, for a number of agreements and legal transactions, amongst these:

  • Property conveying
  • Creation and canceling of mortgages
  • Incorporation of public and private limited companies (N.V.s and B.V.s)
  • Drawing up wills
  • Drawing up and amending pre-nuptial agreements
  • Transferring shares
  • Legalising signatures

Our firm are able to authorize, prepare and certify a range of documents used to transact local and overseas business.

We can provide you with these services from anywhere in the world which means that you don't even have to travel to the Netherlands.