Are you an inventor, designer, developer or author? You can protect your work with intellectual property law. So others cannot use your creations, unless you give permission. This gives you the chance to earn back your investment in the development of a product. Examples of intellectual property are patents, copyright and trademark law.

If  someone infringes your intellectual property rights (IPR), you must take actions.
This can be done by talking to the infringer. Together you can then find a solution. Will you not, then you have to go to court. In a lawsuit, you can for example ask for a prohibition of infringement. You can also ask to retrieve or destroy your property.

Your brand, logo, trade name, domain name and / or Facebook / twitter account (etc.) are expressions to which your customers recognize your products and / or services, but also your business. They are the bearers of your carefully constructed reputation. Protecting them is understandably crucial to your market. Even expected confusion by a third party logo, trade name, and domain name (etc.) would act as a holder. If your business name or brand is known, you can protect that reputation sufficiently to prohibit its use.

What we can offer you:

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts, such as licensing, agency and franchise contracts and / or transmission and distribution agreements.
  • Conducting legal proceedings ex parte, interim measures-, soil or seizure procedures regarding the sale of counterfeit (fake) products using similar trademark and / or trade.
  • Legal advice and measures against counterfeiting, including consultation and cooperation with the customs authorities or making tasks (their abstention declaration of) unauthorized use of your trademark or trade name.
  • Due diligence and advice on IP assets (such as brand portfolio and licenses) in the context of a takeover.

Specialized jurisdictions:

  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Design law
  • Tradename law